Modify Private Browsing In Mozilla Firefox - need help

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Don't know if i post this in the right category so feel free to change if it's not the right one.
To the problem:

On a computer I've got access to firefox 3.6 is installed and now I want to do this:
When the I click at the button "private browsing" I want the computer to save the cookies from the websites I'm visiting during private browsing. So the next time I start the computer I will be able to find them. Although I don't want anything else to be saved.

Please could anyone help? I'm just a beginner so dont relly know how to do this. Is there anything to change in ste nsprivatebrowsingservice file?
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no i guess it's not safe to allow cookies to be saved on pc coz there might be a chance tht some cookies might turn out to be tacking cookie which sends all your private data to hacker so better not save any cookies...if u just want to rember the websites u visited u better use addons to do tht..