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Microprocessor 8085

Discussion in 'Assembly Language Programming (ALP) Forum' started by Zahid, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Zahid

    Zahid New Member


    I have a query in microprocessor 8085.

    I found that if, after the HALT instruction is executed, the PC is loaded with the value 0000H.

    Assume that I've started my program from the memory address 0000H and have written a few set of instructions so that my HALT instruction comes around 00AAH.

    Now, if the HALT instruction is encountered by the microprocessor, PC will get loaded with the address 0000H where I've the beginning of my program.

    Will this loop be infinite or what will happen in this case?

    Please assist me regarding the same.

  2. DaWei

    DaWei New Member

    The IP goes to zero, but the uP won't run; it's bus is tri-stated.
  3. Zahid

    Zahid New Member

    Thank you for your answer.
    Since I'm a beginner in 8085 I don't have any sufficient material to read about. Could u suggest me the best way to begin my journey in learning ALP of 8085?

    I mean should I start from the book or the internet websites...

    Thank you.

  4. ingridseynhaeve

    ingridseynhaeve New Member

    Hi DaWei,

    I do not have any circuit diagram or detailed "how to do" procedure for interfacing of 8085 with a laser printer.I referred to EFY projects,Volume22,but the the matter is not helpful so as to enable a novice to construct a successful project.
    Please send me the appropriate circuit diagram with detailed "how to do" procedure or refer any reliable source for the above said problem. And can you send some good sites where assembly language programmings are being done with problems and solutions?:confused: If yes then please send it immediately. :pleased:

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