memory performance issue

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i am using c,c++ to develop a project and its a client server multi threaded application
when i run the server application it do some database transactions and sit idle if now
even no client is requesting i have seen memory used by app (shown in task manager )
is varying very much around 6000 k to 800 k and its automaticaly increases and decrease without any client request i m not getting why application behaving like this.

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The only reason I could think of for such activity may be is because of painting and other issues where you have a GUI rich server interface.

If you do not have that then see what procedures and functions are keeping the server running and see if you have memory leak in them,
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Its a Console Application i do not have Gui for this app
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If it drops significantly then maybe Windows is swapping unused memory out to swapfile while other stuff needs it. If the application works fine and doesn't crash due to lack of memory then it's probably working find and not leaking memory.