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measure frequency from wav(sine wave) by vb

Discussion in 'Visual Basic ( VB )' started by krish06, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. krish06

    krish06 New Member

    HI friends,

    i just recorded one wav file from micropone..afterthat i need to measure the frequency(not the sampling frequency) and ambitute from wav file.i really tried to work out..but still i coundn't get..i generate the sound from other pc and (i set the frequency 1000 and ambitutd 200) i record that sound thru microphone to my pc by my vb programs.(using directx.7) , even i no need to store as wav file, i just want to measure the frequncy and ampititude of the sound,( i dn't know how to measure the frequncy an dampitute from the sound(sound means i generate the sinw wave..),.here i just store as a wav file , and i try to get frequency and ampititute from the wav..

    if anybody knows the method or any formula and any way pls let me know...

    i am doing this one in vb6.0 and i am using directx.7 to record the voice..

    Thanks in Advance..

    With Regards,
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

  3. DaWei

    DaWei New Member

    The frequency of a single tone is the inverse of the time from peak to peak (or zero-crossing to zero-crossing, or similar). You could probably hack at that. The analysis of more complex waveforms is not trivial. It is not a subject, unfortunately, that will be learned in a thread. There are a number of tools available. Google will reveal them. Try "wav file analysis" or similar.
  4. krish06

    krish06 New Member


    Thanks for your valuable reply..i am really greatful to you..

    now i need to buy the librabries which contains measure frequency and amptitude from sound , bcoz our project time is goign to finish..so we decide to buy this librabry and may be added to our project and do some database operations..

    so pls let me know , what are the companies provide this librabry which measure frequency,amptitude from sound(the librabry shouldbe in vb) ..

    bcoz no time to spend inthis hereater..

    so if u know any companty(website), pls let me know..

    or otherwise can u give me some information related this,
    how to find out those company??

    waiting for your immideate reply...

    Thanks in Advance..

    with regards,

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