McAffe question.

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Hey there,

I'm just curious as how good McAffe is as an Anti-Virus, I have read pretty good review about it, but I am not sure if is really a good anti-virus as per prevent spyware and malware or if there is a better one I can try.

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McAffe is well-respected inside the security community, as far as commercial software goes. Personally, I get just as much protection on my machine by using free software (adaware, spybot s&d, avast, zone alarm, etc). As far as better and worse goes, when it comes to security scanners/real time protection, it pretty much all comes down to the definition files. No av software can record all the threats out there, so it's good to have a mix when possible. They overlap on some things, but when they're combined, they give you a much broader definitions base than you'd get from any single scanner.
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i was always told that you should have two or more virus scans. because no one scanner can have all the viruses in there banks.
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of course. mcafee is a good av program compared to many other in the market
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Thanks guys.
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Thanks guys.
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Mcafee is the best I know and it works very well with AVG. We use that on our servers and there is no problem, If you want, you can add Unhackme. Those three makes your computer the safest it can ever be. No more rootkits or anything.