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Ok so I know lots of people have posted on this but I am too because I am stuck and not really sure what to do. I have a problem to is the "MAZE" problem. Given a maze of 1's and 0's with 2 random 0's being on the outside "wall" and then 1's and 0's on the inside I have to make a path. Must start in upper left corner and go clockwise to find first 0, this is entrance, then go through maze where 0's are path and as each 0 is visited, in an attempt to find path, an X is placed there. If a path is found to the other boundry 0 great! I know recrusion and the stack can be used but not sure how?!? Not very up to speed on C, yea has to be done in C. Any help would be great!!
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What type of help you are looking at?