Mathematically Evaluating an integer array

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I'm reading input from a user which will consist of all digits. I will read these digits into an integer array and then intersparse them with operators such as + and -.

My question is, after I do this, how do I evaluate this expression to an integer?
I read in >>>>> "123456", then I manipulate the integer array to >>>>> "12+3456"
Now, what do I do to evaluate that array so that it is the integer 3468?
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Just parse the array in a loop making the loop counter to be multiple of 10.

Code: CPP
// Loops get you one number
int temp;
for(int i=1,j=0;;i*=10,j++)
  if(arr[j] == "Digit")
    temp += arr[j]*i;
Then get the symbol and then second number and operate on the number depending on the symbol.