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Before you start thinking "Oh, what-ever", just follow me along

MapleStory is an online MMORPG game that's pretty popular with the online gaming community..We own a private server for the game, but our developer barely cared..So we would like to recruit 1-4 Devs...Here is the application

Application for staffing.

Position: Developer


MapleGeek is in search of an experienced, talented programmer to assist the development team with editing, manipulating and debugging code.


• Proficient C/C++ coding and design experience.
• Good written communication skills.
• Able to be regularly active and complete assigned projects within deadlines.
• Team motivated and oriented.
• Must be able to respond to direction in an appropriate manner.


• Solid mathematical skills.
• Java experience.
• Forum moderation or administration experience.
• Multilingual in written Spanish and/or Portugese.

If you think you've got what it takes to help out the most powerful MapleStory Private Server on the Internet, copy the fields below into a post and fill them out.

First Name:




MSN (optional):

Examples of experience:

Languages you can read and write:

The website is MapleGeek.com

Please, if you have the required fields, please contact me VIA MSN:


Thank you for your time,
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Since I may not edit my posts..I forgot to mention that this is for free, since we do not charge for our game play, and this should be treated as a fun project..
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