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Makefile problem! Quick!

Discussion in 'C' started by dicicco2, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. dicicco2

    dicicco2 New Member

    i have this project due in 90 minutes and i cant get the god damn make file to compile correctly.. Here it is, any help?

    proj04: proj04.driver.o proj04.support.o /user/cse320/lib/bitlib.o
    gcc -o proj04 proj04.driver.o proj04.support.o /user/cse320/lib/bitlib.o

    proj04.driver.o: proj04.driver.c
    gcc -Wall -c proj04.driver.c

    proj04.support.o: proj04.support.c /user/cse320/lib/bitlib.h
    gcc -Wall -c proj04.support.c

    clean: rm -f proj04 *.o

    the only thing that is being included is the bitlib.h in the proj04.support.c file. access is ok for that file, so thats not the problem. it says it cant make proj04.driver.c and proj04.support.c.. any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. aks

    aks New Member

    I think you don't required to put the /user/cse320/lib/bitlib.h in the target rule definition. If you take it out, it should compile fine... the header file , you may need to include in the .c file.

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