Mac Os X Hacks

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Any good mac os X hacks (prank or real)?
Pretty much anything from getting the target annoyed to completely screwing up their computer is fine.
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Kind of hard to find hacks for Mac because most hackers just concentrate on Windows since it is the most used OS.
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yea macs are a lot hard because they use a pentium i think thats what its called im not really sure i forgot
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Yeah. I guess I agree. Macs don't have internal programs that can be used as hacks like MS-DOS. Well if I find anything I'll post it here.
Basicly the only 'virus' you can build on a mac is a prank virus (and a lousy 1 at that) plus the prank virus is extremly time consuming and is kind-of useless/pointless...
I wuz just trying to see if any1 had any (ethically) "real" viruses...