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There is a person on Facebook who is writing about ME all over her profile although I have blocked her. You continued to go to Myspace, and try and bother me there as well, but I have her blocked there as well. I just want to delete the things she has written of me, she tags my friends in them, and leaves it on FB for the entire world to see.

Perhaps I am overreacting, but I have been trying to get this person to leave me alone for nearly 4 years, and I would rather her notes be deleted about me, than for me to turn it into a bigger deal. How can I do that? I know that breaking into her account would be illegal depending on what I do. Is there another way to reach FB administrators and send an email about it? Perhaps a way that I can just make the messages delete themselves?
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Is there a way to make it stop? I've tried talking to her, and regardless of what I say, she won't comply. What she is doing is slanderous. Which is illegal. I just want her to stop.
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Sue her then. For slander. If it's as clear cut as you say then you're guaranteed to win.