Looking for a package or similar for a text format form

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Hi! I'm asking this because I'm not sure what to call it that I'm looking for. I've tried Googleing for some things but it doesn't turn up anything intereserting.

It's simple enough what I'm looking for: For my web-page instead of pages in sepparate files I'm going to store the text and title of the pages in my database. When you click a link instead of loading a new HTML-file it gets the content from the database. There will also be a form to quickly create new pages.

It would be very easy if I just wrote HTML-tags in the pages but I want something like the post forms all forums have to make it fast and easy to update the site without any HTML-knowledge. I supose it's not too much job to make one myself, but the task seem so ordinary I get the feeling there're thousands but I'm using the wrong key words.

I don't know, a tutorial to make a post form? Or if the task isn't quite so trivial an actual open source project?

Thanks for any reply!
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You can do this using any templating engine, like Smarty for PHP