Looking for cash loan to pay bills.

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Hi friends, I often face problems clearing my bills, like electricity and cell phone bills. Actually Iím self employed and donít have a fixed source of income. It sometimes becomes difficult to pay rent, cell phone/home phone and other bills. Is there any finance company out there which lends small amount? Looked for some but havenít come across any good, most of them have a long process to sanction loan. Also their terms and conditions make it even harder like faxing of documents, credit checks etc. Please let me know if anyone knows about it.
Thanks in advance!!
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It is really a problem to maintain or manage the fund flow, in these times it’s hard to regularize and synchronize the income and expenses. I have also faced such problem, but few days ago I came to know about <<Snipped>> they provide overnight cash loans, helps to pay bills in timely fashion and with no hassle. Check it out for more information and have a smooth cash flow and bill payments.

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