looking for advice on how to start my career

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I am looking for some advice on how I can get my foot in the door and get a career started in web development. I feel like I am in a tricky situation however. First of all, I graduated from college with an Associates in Computer Information Sciences back in 2003 and to make a long story short, certain life paths have since prevented me from putting the degree to any use. I have taught myself ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, Javascript, XHTML/HTML, CSS, IIS and more over the past few years and have a strong passion for web development. I am looking for any advice that anyone can offer me on how someone like me might get their foot in the door somewhere or build some experience. I do not have ANY actually employment experience in the web development field or any thing related, all I have to go by is what I have taught myself but I don't know how to prove what I know to an employer and get over the "no experience" hurdle. I currently live in northern NH and there are not many opportunities up here but I am fully able and willing to relocate to anywhere in the country to get my career going. If anyone has been in a similar situation or knows someone who has that has succeed, please let me know how they went about it. Even if you dont know anyone like me but have some ideas, any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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look for any freelancing opportunities and offers.
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You can also look at the link in my sig.