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How to load English spell checker

Discussion in 'PHP' started by php_expert, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. php_expert

    php_expert Banned


    I have a text box. the user enters the text and presses enter buttion. Then the english word spell checker need to reject the sentence (by opening a pop up window), and ask to re-enter if the sentence/word is not correct. (For example dow is written instead of dog). Otherwise accept and store it.

    How to load english word spell checker? (I think we can get open source spell checkers from open office etc)

    I need PHP code for the above info.
  2. underground_devil

    underground_devil New Member

    you want to check on browser or english on your script?
    for browser use monzilla
    and if you want to check your script then use editplus(for php errors) or dreamweaver or ms word:)
  3. shrikrishnatech

    shrikrishnatech New Member

    yes if you are using Mozilla firefox so there is no problem with spelling check

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