List of Directories strongest in google!!!!!

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Here is a list of web directories strongest in Google:
check out below!

Article directory

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2 things.

First you have made the same posts 3 times and it was not a same posts and so it could not be something like clicking the button 3 times(Also that is protected) and so I warn not to be doing that.

Second we already have the lists.
List of Directories..
List of sites where you can submit articles.
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I don't see any benefit through the directories because you hardly get any referral and also you dont have any search engine benefits due to no of links.

DMOZ, yahoo are exception.
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i have made these sites on nanotech
how can i submit them to directory

Site on free reports, papers, articles on nanotechnology , MEMS, investing in nanotech, Carbon nanotube, Nano fabrication and lot more.

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shivgan3, Each directory have their submission form to submit sites to their directories.