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-Post Regarding Affiliation Request-
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Linux-RUS is a fairly new forum with a Slow moving community. In the month it has been up it has already reached the following statistics:
Registered Members: 5 Forum Topics: 26 Forum Posts: 32 We are looking to develop a larger member pool. So with this post I ask your forum to affiliate with ours. Allowing them both to grow side by side.

Site Name: Linux-RUS
Description: Programming and linux site..
Site Link: <- <<Link Removed>>
Site Affiliate Image:

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Please don't spam the forums with the links to your site. I have removed the links.

Also you have posted in the Help and Support section and I have moved it where it should be. If you don't prefer to find the best place for your queries I would consider that as spam.

You cannot posts links to your site but you should confine links to signatures only.

Also now regarding your query I could not understand what you are looking for. If you are looking for some link exchanges sorry does not do that. You can try some of the affiliate forums or one of the partner forum