What is Link Pyramid?

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Can anyone provide me brief info on link pyramid? What are the pros and cons of it?
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Link pyramid is a 3-level structure of links:
1) your base links,
2) your mid-range links and
3) your highest quality links.
This helps you to rank your site in Google SERP with creating natural links.
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Link pyramid was one of the most effective link building methods used to get your website rank higher on top of the SERPs. However, as the search engines are constantly changing and the truth is link pyramid alone is no longer enough to give you the ranking you want. Our All In One Link Wheel service is the upgraded version of common link pyramid and link wheel which will provide your website with all kinds of backlinks
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Link Pyramid means level of link building there are 5 levels of link building and in each level you need to do distinctive link building like in first level you need to index submission after that in next level you attempt diverse link building technique.