Which is important? Link exchange or natural link building?

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Hi all....

We all know that having more and more links to your site increases page rank and search engine rankings.......but which is more important as far as building links is concerned.....Is it link exchanges with site or other/related sites finding natural links because of our content?
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Natural always and link exchange may actually not help but hinder these days.
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I know everyone says that link exchange is bad, but from my experience if the site has a related topic there is nothing bad with exchanging links to gain engine ranking.
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Obviously go for natural link rather than link exchange. Natural link has a lot more value that link exchange. Google prefers natural links.
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What is natural link building?
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Over time people link to your site when they find it useful
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Hi Jiten,

Ultimately, Motive is what! To get more and more links through any of the method but make sure, Anything you are posting that is to be unique one because search engine loves uniqueness.
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I'll also suggest you natural link building. Natural link building might be slowly improve your result in SERPs but it is more stable than link exchange. You can trust visitor who has came from Search engine or from your backlinks. Because only interested person will click on your link so you can able get more accuracy in your work and as well as you can be able to decrease your bounce rate.
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I always go for natural link building, and suggest you to go for the same. Link exchange drives away your traffic to the other site and harm your websites bounce rate. Therefore, avoid link exchange as per my thinking.
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Both are important. But natural link building have more importance as comparing to Link Exchange which make natural link building very difficult.