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Link Building Techniques

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by paul white, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. paul white

    paul white New Member

    Hi to all i need urgent link building Techniques so plz help me
  2. transparent

    transparent New Member

    It's simple ..
    here are some basic link building ways:

    Article submission
    directory submission
    forum posting
  3. Click SSL

    Click SSL New Member

    To know about link building you need to search in Google and learn what is link building and how to do....
    To rank higher on search engines you need to do good search engines optimization work with relevancy...
  4. fattaah

    fattaah New Member

    take relevant links and blog comments on do follow blogs.
  5. joomlacreative

    joomlacreative New Member

    Just focus on getting some links from do follow blog comments, guest post, article submission, press release submission and don’t forget to include social media links as link building Techniques.
  6. denishverma

    denishverma Denish Verma- SEO Expert

    Best linkbuilding is-
    1) Article Marketing
    2) Social Bookmarking - with High PR, Do follow
    3) Web2.0 linking
    4) Linkwheel
    5) Citations
    6) Forum posting

  7. amitthakor

    amitthakor New Member

    You should not run after quantity backlink but make quality backlink for your site

    article submission is high pr site
    social book marking
    blog commenting related to your site
    press release
    directory submission ( less important )
    so and so
  8. Grade1

    Grade1 New Member

    write the unique content and submit them in high pr article directories after spinning and take backlink from 3 way link exchange will help you.
  9. enni

    enni New Member

    You can do link building with the forum posting, blog commenting, article submission, directory submission and many more off page techniques.
  10. mirandu85

    mirandu85 New Member

    are directories still good for building rank and fast indexing?

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