how make limit running my program?Dear Sirs, I am beginner in C++ and have problem wi

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Dear Sirs,
I am beginner in C++ and have problem with one my program.
I am C++ dll for protection my Expert advisor(Metatrader software).
I want make demo version for my client and want using time limit on that.
For example each client able use this software for 7 days and after that not workable for him/her.
I want simple code that check this time for me.
I am using win32 console.
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You should do a quick google search for "Software Rights Management" or "Software License Protection" or similar. There are many third party libraries you can purchase to accomplish this. I myself am primarily a .net developer, so the solution I use may not be of any use to you (Xheo - I use both his obfuscation/encryption system and licensing system).

If you roll your own copy protection scheme it will likely be easily defeatable.
- Ben
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The problem is you need a reliable and trustable time.