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hi guys,
i got job recently in a company which provide a product for data backup and data recovery... as dis product is wrriten in c++ am workin in c++.. now am under training and i want to learn abt Operating System concepts and OS programming using c and c++. i know basic c and c++ programming concepts.... so could u suggest some e-book r link wer i can learn all abt Operating System frm scratch to advanced Operating concept.. dat means i shuld hav through knowledge in OS ,how it executin, wat r d various OS implementation methods and am shuld be good enough to write my own OS code. den i also want to know abt kernel and shell scripting and i lik linux very much so wer can i get source code for linux and full explanation for Linux Source code. for dis, guys pls guide me frm wer shuld i start and how to go abt these things ....so guys pls help me....thanks in advance. am eagerly waiting for ur supports

P.s:By the way am week in english and if u cant understand wat am trying to say pls forgive me and sorry for trouble..
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You can't learn abt linux , fedora , debian and so on. You have to learn Linux. You have to know that are few base linux family's : Debian and Redhat.
Debian derivates :
UBUNTU - Xubuntu - Ubuntu with the XFCE desktop environment
Ubuntu Studio - Designed for multimedia editing and creation
Mythbuntu - Designed for creating a home theatre PC with MythTV
Kubuntu - Ubuntu with the K Desktop environment
Edubuntu - Ubuntu for education
Lubuntu - Ubuntu that uses LXDE
*buntu - You name them

Redhat derivates :

Redhat - Fedora (Always under development )
Oracle Linux
Scientific Linux
Yellow Dog Linux

Best distro:
Slackware .

Since i am a slackware fan i can tell you something about ubuntu distros with this :

"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "Slackware is too difficult for me".