want to learn about hacking but keep my PC protected

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Hi there,
I'm developing an interest in ethical hacking from all I am reading here.
I have tried downloading some things (eBooks, "tool packs" etc).
I got them but, as soon as I tried to move/open them, AVG kicked in and started deleting files that were contained inside.

Each time it happened too quick for me to see what was being deleted, but i think one of them said keygen or keylogger.
Is it possible that these are necessary parts of the educational materials i am downloading?
Or is it more likely that it was some attempt on the uploader's behalf to infect my machine?

If Q1 = true, I will have to turn off my AVG to re-DL, but I don't want to put my PC in jeopardy either... any suggestions?

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Keylogger's are softwares which records every keystroke in a PC that you are working in. It has a normal visible mode and stealth mode. If it s installed in stealth mode you cannot see it. It can also be made hidden in Add/Remove progs. Likewise many hacking softwares, keyloggers and keygens will be caught by the Anti-virus Progs. So its better to disable the AV while installing those stufffs. But be sure that the software you are installing does'nt contain any harmful virus. If u hav any doubts about keyloggers rep?
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If you naeed any tools, go check out the sticky note at the top of this forum, download is clean and safe, but your antivirus will always hate those tools, so disable the AV, get the tools, and put them on a CD, enable the AV, and from there on your computer will be protected, but when you want to use the tools you will have to disable the AV, I dont even have AV on my PC. The tools from all those links in the sticky note is clean and harmless to your own computer if you know how to use them! This way you will have the tools safely on a CD and no AV can delete it anymore.