What language for a complete beginner?

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Hi guys, I was wondering what programming language you guys would recommend to someone(me) who has no previous programming knowledge or skills. I have the desire and willingness to learn but I feel I need to start on an easier language. I have bought a few books on C++ but it has been fairly difficult to grasp. I am currently experimenting with the Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. I do know quite a bit about hardware and networking(CCNA) but I would like to learn how to program. Can you guys point me in the direction of a simpler programming language that would be perfect for a complete beginner to begin programming with? Tutorials would be great also. Thank You for your time.
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First you should have the domain in mind. You wish to be a web guy or an application one. If you prefer the second option you are on right track and I am not sure any simple language than C++ exists to start with but for web there are some more very simple things.
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Learning a language like Python will teach you procedural constructs as well as object-oriented concepts. Because it is at a higher level of abstraction, it will allow you to defer having to deal with strong typing, memory allocation, close contact with the machine hardware, etc.

If you get into serious applications which look for superior performance or better use of resources, then you'll have to shuck some layers of abstraction. The plus is that you can concentrate on the new parts and the syntactic and semantic differences without having to diffuse your effort by learning the basics.

Just a personal viewpoint.
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actually if you find the right books for begginers, for example Herbert Schildt's C++, then you can learn it very easily. But there are some books that people think they are for begginers, but they aren't. For example Stroustrup, he built C++, but his books are horrible and begginers can not read them. I would recommend you to start from C++, I started from it, then you can learn java, and then you can learn other languages - PHP, SQL, HTML.
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The first language that I learned was Java, but I had a class to learn that. I found it helpful, although there are big differences between java and C++. If you can learn C++ without learning java, go for it, but java is an easier language and is a good language to know.
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I started with Visual basic lol I didn't have any classes or anything when first start it, I just used books and web... VBtutor is a good place and there was something called "Sam Teaches You Visual Basic In 24 hours" but I cant find the link for it now! soz... they r really helpfull
and then I started my VB classes(college), lol, no wonder I was the top of the class cuz no one else knew about em (it was just a basic course ~ lvl2) , and I have a Distinction on tht course lol

I try doing C++ but got ******... on VB is what you see is what you get....but on C++ its.. just.. rawwrr compile and shit... lol

and I did HTML first and then start with JavaScript...... now gd at both of em
I did a bit of ActionScript and LSL (LSL is second life scripting language, it's like a mix of C++ and JavaScript but easy)

never done Java though but thats wat i'm gonna do next!!

if you start with VB, I fink thats a very good choice cuz it's one of the best and easier then C++ ....

by the way, I gotta tell you this, if you using VB express one, dont get books for VB6 cuz you'll prob get ****** up..... it's different....

get VB6 (download it, and i'll give you keys!!)

gd luck m8!
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I think Java is a good language to learn
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Bumping this thread up because I have the same question, but I would like some answers from the year 2009.
I know HTML and CSS, and some PHP. I'm ready to start learning a 'real' programming language, and I'm looking at Clean, or maybe Ruby on Rails.
I'm looking for a language that I can learn the basics of quickly, but that will still serve me well years down the road. I'd also like it to be a fairly new language, so that I won't be much more of a 'newbie' than anybody else - but that's just my ego talking, and it can be dismissed if C++ or Java is still the way to go.
My thanks for your input.
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PHP is a good start and I would suggest Ruby as well for web guys but for non web I always suggest them with C++
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I only learned C for my last semester and I'm learning C++ for this semester. I think C++ is a good start for a beginner. It is the easiest programming language for a beginner, i think... I'll learn JAVA next semester and it looks a bit scary to me cuz I see my senoirs are having difficulties in learning it...