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Label problem

Discussion in 'MFC' started by answerme, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. answerme

    answerme New Member

    Hi all
    I am getting a error in creating a LABEL.I need to display different label at different positions
    for the first time iam getting it perfectly alright.i.e. when iam placing a symbol in window its coming perfectly alright.But when Iam placing another symbol in window its getting hanged in Label->Create() function. Am I missing something.
    	ConvertLonLatToXY(td.L_Latitude,td.L_Longitude);// To get X,Y cordinates
            CRect(lx+10,ly,lx+55,ly+20), this, 0x188); // THIS IS WHERE SYSTEM GETS HANGED
                                                         //lx,ly value are correct it is giving different x & y value
  2. Gene Poole

    Gene Poole New Member

    What is "Label"? Where are lx and ly coming from? What is td.LandID?
  3. answerme

    answerme New Member

    Lable is
    CStatic *Label = new CStatic;

    lx & ly
    Iam calling this function ConvertLonLatToXY(td.L_Latitude,td.L_Longitude) which is having 2 parameters i.e.strucutre in td latitude & longtitude ,with this 2 parameters i will get X & Y cordinates ie(X=lx & Y=ly)

    td.LandID is string which i want to display
  4. Gene Poole

    Gene Poole New Member

    Are you trying to create your CStatic more than once? Once it is created, you can change it's text by calling the SetWindowText() member function or you can move it to a new rectangle using the MoveWindow() member function. If you try to call Create on an object that is already created, it will fail.

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