How do you kill a system process?

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I have a question on one of my exams about the tini.exe Trojan and one of the possible questions might be how to kill a processes that cannot be killed by task manager. So if you try to kill smss.exe process with task manager it won't let you do this but there is some way to kill it(i think it is using some kill command on cmd line).

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Hi, go to your cmd and type in "net stop [process name]" without the "".


Use the taskkill command in cmd, type in "taskkill /pid [process ID]
use the tasklist command to find the process ID (PID).

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that should do the trick. If you try to delete and it pops up a message cannot delete blahblah.exe,means explorer.exe is using it. Do a google seach for tools that will kill the process and the tree under it.