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how should i do it???

i use skype to talk to that other person.

need to instal keyloger on that computer without she will know it.

also can you hack facebook password??
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You seem to be totally unaware of the fact of Hacking. Have you seen any Hacking movies lately ?
Only reason i am saying this is because this kind of questions have been posted lots of times. One thread i remember of Hotmail password hacking is still very active.

I would like to make it very clear is that hacking passwords was possible five years ago. But now all companies like yahoo,microsoft,google have become so security conscious that they are nowadays putting their most of time on cyber security (though i admit there are some flaws). There is absolutely no way you can install keylogger using Skype. Yes you can use a file-binder and bind an innocent looking file with a keylogger which may help. But Anti-virus on the other side would be able to detect it as a threat. Some kind of specially-crafted keyloggers can help bypass the Anti-virus. But this requires you to be an advanced programmer.

Facebook,orkut passwords are "near to unhackable". Why i am using the word "near to unhackable" is because it is possible but its not fruitful always. There is no program as such in which you input the user-name or id and output is the password of that account. So sit back and enjoy surfing rather than looking for someone else's password [].......

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Facebook is vulnerable to CSS (Cross Site Scripting) and Javascript exploit like javascript:void.document</i>cookie or something like that, Read up on that and maybe you will get lucky, but I doubt that you will just yet. For starters you will have to use Firefox with greasemonkey installed, install firebug too so that you will be able to view the source of each page your on as you go.