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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by seattleseo, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. seattleseo

    seattleseo New Member

    I'm hearing a lot about the word "JUICE", what does it means on SEO?
  2. keyideas

    keyideas New Member

    When your website is getting back link from any good PR websites then PR is getting distributed in both websites. This is called link juice. This is one of the important factors for getting your website in to ranking position and getting more visitors.
  3. stacey

    stacey New Member

    Link Juice is the important in the Link Building Works. It helps us to get PR for the Page.
  4. PSMDigital2010

    PSMDigital2010 New Member

    Link Juice in SEO is about how much benefit you are getting from the different links on your site.Link Juice for your site will be better if you can bring many backlinks from other sites.Link Juice also refers to how much your urls are optimized as the blog urls title helps to drive more traffic.
  5. jhonden

    jhonden New Member

    Juice always give energy and rejuvenates the body the same has been applied to SEO but it is not the fruit juice this time rather it has been termed for the High Page rank websites which link backs to you and on which you create a link. Link Juice is the process of getting good back links from high Page Rank websites and when it is filled oyu termed it as Link Juice in SEO.
  6. interactiveweb

    interactiveweb New Member

    link juice is a process of getting back link from high PR sites.google counted it as a good reputation on web.
  7. adoncia

    adoncia New Member

    A collection of the backlinks of a good page rank is called the link juice. This is an important factor in the seo.

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