Note that this list assumes prior knowledge of the Java programming language and doesn't contain direct links to Java as such. The more competent you are with Java the easier your understanding of JSP (and particularly servlets) will be.

If you are looking for Java refer to Java Resources thread.

Tutorials tutorials, articles, hosting, code, tags & beans
Sun/JGuru JSP Fundamentals JSP tutorial (no new content only archives) tutorials (Servlets and JSP are towards the bottom of the page)
JSP Tutorial
Tutorial on Java Servlets and JSPs JSP tutorials (edit: not yet implemented, could have sworn they were there before?) JSP category (Mostly excerpt chapters from books but worth reading none the less)

Official JSP (Sun's) website (Documentation) (has a nice list of book reviews)

O'Reilly Java Database Best Practices (not much on beginning JSP but very useful) (free chapter (PDF))
Beginning JSP 2.0

Hosting: hosting

Development tools:
Tomcat (free webserver)
JEdit (Java based code editor)


Feel free to add your or any other JSP resources. PM Me