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I have problem in export the footer and caption tag when exporting all the data from a table to excel and pdf..
the below is my coding;

<display:table name="${searchFixReportInfo}" id="row" class="dataTable" requestURI="" pagesize="20" style="width: 100%" export="true" >

<display:caption media="html">
<strong>A Caption</strong>

<display:caption media="excel pdf">A Caption</display:caption>
<display:footer media="html">

<td colspan="5"><strong>Sample footer</strong></td>
<display:footer media="excel pdf" >Sample footer</display:footer>

<display:setProperty name="export.excel" value="true" />
<display:setProperty name="export.excel.class" value="org.displaytag.export.excel.DefaultHssfExpo rtView " />
<display:setProperty name="export.excel.filename" value="data.xls" />

<display:setProperty name="export.pdf.class" value="org.displaytag.export.DefaultPdfExportView " />
<display:setProperty name="export.pdf" value="true" />
<display:setProperty name="export.pdf.filename" value="data.pdf" />


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in HTML view, but not in pdf and excel
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Duplicate of Export footer and caption to excel/pdf. Thread closed.

Please avoid having the same thread more than once.