JOOMLA installation problem!

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Hello !
i installed joomla cms in my system and had even accepted the default password during installation .But when i had to log in to the admin panel ,a loop occurs with the error message "you need to login".I tried logging in by changing the password,but in vain.
It was unsuccessful to even re-install the application.
I use Apache 1.3.33
Thank you for your concern !
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Just rename the installation directory and delete the configuration file and then try re-installing it again. Also make sure you provide a password which you can remember.
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Thanks Mr.Shabbir !!
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NOOOOOOOOOOO do not use JOOMLA joomla is the world leading up to date vunerable web package out there did u know there are over 1000 sql injections into JOOMLA my advice is find something else anyone even a newb can insert a sql injection into ur site and gain access to ur admin password do not use joomla its ur choice but im just trying to help u
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just rename the installation file .(or) use another cms like zenzart etc.
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In fact, Joomla regularly releases security patches.
You can only inject into old sites that have been not upgraded,
like with any other software system.
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joomla suxks... for sure