Job Placment - Up to 100K A Year

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Currently offering job placements for 5 programmers, web and applications.
If your not serious about making money online and working from home while making a packet stop reading. We are finding that our current programmers are struggling to keep up with the constant work flow. If you have expertise in any type of programming/design then consider this.

What you need:

Be fluent in what you do
Good Communication Skills
A Contact Telephone Number
Way To Receive Payments (PayPal, MoneyBookers, GoogleCheckOut)

This is done under my company and all tax deductions are already taken so
you wont have to worry about the IRS. So if you are fluent in C/C++/PHP + MySQL/VB others are considered post up what your skill is. So heres your chance to work for a company and make some real money. basic way it work is our clients get in contact with us, give us what they need done, we then call you give you a summary on what has to be done and email the resources. You complete the work and get paid on the amount we quoted for. Pretty simple stuff. After 6 months we fund you 600$ towards a laptop, desktop, printer, scanner or any other things you may need. Things i like in programmer is the ability to understand what is being told, go away and do it. Keeps things smooth.

So if your intrested in earning up to 100K a year then get in contact with me either by phone or email

Phone: 1-(406)-321-2062
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alright sorry
Thank you for moving it

Thanks again
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are there any openings for 2008 freshers.
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any opening for ce 2007