What should be the job of call center manager...

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We know that One of best Media for communication is Tele communication. We often have seen that people used to marketing in different ways but one of the best one is by calling people they can (Sellers) can make more and more advertise of their product and can get more and more profit.

Call Center recruits the job seekers and makes more and more sell of their different products. There are so many people working with the Call Center. There are call center manager in every Call Center. This call center manages all activities performed in call center. What are the other responsibility of call center manager ? Can anybody tell me How Call Center manager coordinates all employee to achieve the goals of company ? What should be the job of Call Center Manager ?
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Call Center Manager Responsibilities include:
1) Most call centers work 24 hours so the CCM have to take care of the shift timings and adjustments.
2) CCM Monitors agent performances and keep a check on compliance.
3) CCM reports the usage of call center resources i.e PRI's/SIP's etc. and report the usage accordingly.
4) CCM manages call campaigns acquired for different regions and assign them accordingly.
5) Some CCM also perform trainings and call grooming.

Above are only 5 things, but they are enough to keep a CCM busy whole day
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