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Java Mobile Exercise Help

Discussion in 'Java' started by DavCel, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. DavCel

    DavCel New Member

    Our professor said this machine problem exercise is easy.. BUT he didn't even taught us how to display "Hello World" in java mobile! :shout: can you help me code this? please.. :(

    1. Create a simple Java Mobile Application MIDP that display your name, address, contact number, course, year and school.

    2. Create an applet that gets the input from the user the "total hours", "Exception hours", "Gross Pay", "Deduction" and "Net Pay" using the following formula; total hours = mon + tue + wed + thu + fri + sat, exception hours = if total hours >=10 then total hours * 2, Gross Pay =(total hours+exception hours)*Pay rate
    Note: Pay rate = 60, Deduction = SSS(just an integer) + Tax + Pag-ibig(just an integer), Net Pay=Gross Pay - Deduction.
    Include an employee number for each of the inputted data and enter at least 10 employee number with its corresponding data.

    is this EASY?! :cuss:

    your spare time to help is much appreciated thanks :) God bless!
  2. Syperus

    Syperus New Member

    I personally don't have experience in JAVA, yet. If this is for your class, read your book for the current chapters you are working on. This should explain how to do everything you need to complete your project. I would also do some google searches for Java mobile programming. There may also be some SDK's for this somewhere that'll help you out also.
  3. DavCel

    DavCel New Member

    That's another problem, we don't have any book. :) but i'll try to google it. still if anyone knows how please help me to code this .. thanks God bless! :)

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