Java and C++

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I seem to have interest in both C++ and Java, that is I want to use C++(Qt) for developing GUI applications and Java (JSP) for server-side programming. But I think this is too tedious if not impossible to handle.
Is it a good idea to program in both Java and C++, and has anyone done this...cons and pros?
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Is there anyone Taking a Intro class that could help with question I am having some trouble with this class!
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Did you miss your antipsychotics jenn2bowman?
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I am sorry, what are you trying to say! I am just asking who may be or currently taking any classes that might be able to allow me to send a question to!
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You'll find that Java and C++ share a lot when it comes to syntax and structure because they are both C based languages so I think you would be fine doing both.
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does java comes from C ? yes
does c++ comes from C? yes
so java == c++ ? NOOO

even though there are certain syntax level similarities the 2 langueages are far more different
c++ run on the machine while java runs on a virtual machine
that would bring down a certian other set of differences

so the best thing is to use one language for all
my choice would be Java as it is platform independet [that would your solutionfor usng QT] and when i said platform it includes everything from servers to browsers

BUT again it is worth to learn c++ where you need to put up a calculation so fast, because java is a bulllock cart in comparance to c++ [NOTE: you wont see that unless u are really seeing it ]
so sometimes you need to call up a native languega like c++/ASM for certian tasks
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jenn2bowman, what manaila is trying (very badly!) to say is that if you want help, start a new thread. Do not hijack someone else's thread; it's considered rude, just as if you were to interrupt a verbal conversation with a completely different question. This thread/conversation is about manaila's difficulty with Java and C++, not about the diffiiculties you have in your class. Yes we will help, but you have to start your own thread.

manaila: there is no problem at all doing client side programming in one language and server side programming in another. You have to define a comms protocol of some kind, then you just have to implement the server part of that on the server, and the client part of that on the client. If you code both parts in the same language then it is slightly easier as you get to reuse parts of the code, but code reuse is not possible if they're in different languages.
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