IsYou tube views improve our website pagerank?

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I think yes, Youtube view is used to increase your online presence in search engines.If you
won a business,you could upload the videos regarding your services would get
your video popular online,thus would increasing your online presence and to
get your videos popular.

So please any one knows better answer than this reply this post.
Thank you,
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No not at all.
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No nothing as such. You tube will give a click on your video nothing more then that. It has nothing to do with the website.
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Not directly!
Youtube views help to increase traffic to your site which increases the popularity of your site. This indicates or counts as relevancy in google's terminology.
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you tube helps in optimizing search result for website and can increase traffic a little bit but does not improve website page rank.
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Originally Posted by rishisab View Post
It doesn't improve your website's PR.
But yes, if you have placed a link of your website in its description then you can get massive free traffic on your websites (of course, if your video is popular)..
I would agree with this. PR is unaffected because the links which you can place in the description are nofollow.
Traffic is possible but the last part of this comment is very relevant - just posting a video doesn't guarantee anything, it has to be something that is of interest to a lot of people before there is any real chance of there being any traffic generated. Traffic is of course good in itself, but again it will not affect PR.
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well it doesn't increase in terms of to much traffic but at the same time makes your product more media friendly or so