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Issue with Hosted Site's E-mail account and Gmail Account

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by ashwin_think, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. ashwin_think

    ashwin_think New Member


    I'm Ashwin and I'm newly entered in the era of Linux and Webhosting. Actually for my company we hosted our site at one hosting company and get the 500 MB space for our site with 50 e-mail accounts. Problem is that, out of 50 mail accounts some of them allocated for our company sales engg. and almost of them access mails out of company (in cyber cafe). From the site space issue we had given them authority to open gmail account for the company business transaction at there end. Now the issue is that as per our company policy we don't want to use gmail accounts for our sales engg. but the site space issue is remain. If we increase the limit of site space from 500 to 1 GB then after it solve the issue upto some size but it matters always if compare with gmail. Can anybody suggest me any solution for this. Can I use store and forward policy or any other trick to resolve this issue.


    Best Regards,
    Ashwin Malunjkar.
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    The only solution is to have the space as much as GMail provides.
  3. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

  4. rapwaydown

    rapwaydown New Member

    men, i just use the gmail service

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