is this possible?

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I have a page in my school site where im trying to use a webpage to show some concepts with a simple game to the students.

There are 2 pages, in page1 I got several links to the page2 which will display the solution to the problem/game. There are more than one link because the links also have some variables
like 'page2.html?variable=1' or 'page2.html?variable=2'.

The thing is, depending on the tasks the student has completed or not, the number of links in page1 will change (they will have more or less hypothesis to answer the problem).
And of course they don't play it fair, even when they don't have the actual link in page1 they write the variable they want in the address bar.

Can I stop this somehow? And make sure they only reach page2 by clicking the link?

thank you
I hope what I wrote is clear
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Show this page in an IFRAME so that they can't change the URL!