is it possible to find IP from via yahoo or others?

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well, guys is it possible to find ip address when fren is online from yahoo.?
when i'm online from yahoo and my fren too but from different place. n now can i find ip address of him? any idea do u have?

tips and ideas r welcome
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i don't know about finding ip address of a person when he is online.
but the following link i found useful when i wanted to find ip address of any website

P.S. I am posting for the first time. Please point out errors if any in my post
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For finding the IP address of any website all you need to do is ping <address> and it should give you the ip address of the website.
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if you send your friend a file, through the messenger, you should be able to view their IP by typing netstat -a in the command prompt
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Im definitely going to try that.