IP spoofing/ I want a foreign IP

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I would like to spoof my IP so that it appears to be a British IP. I would like to access BBC programs which can be streamed ad free and in their entirety. My first attempt was to create an English Yahoo account, which was wierd because they require a mailing address and other personal details. The I used this mail account to create a British Dyndns account. I have a corporate grade router, so I created a virtual server using this Dyndns account and ported it to my internal network.
No luck the BBC still knows I'm coming out of the US. Anyone have an idea as to how I can do this?
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use any proxies hosted from UK.
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Probably worth pointing out that theft of resources is *NOT* Ethical Hacking.
Pay the licence fee or put up with the ads. That's the deal.
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I realize this but I couldn't find a more relevant place to post, as a side note I pay VAT, I have a Barclay account. I simply don't live there anymore.