IP Hits that DONT do harm

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a software that you can "hack" peoples IP Address as in poinsoning, lag, etc.. I've got Cain and Able wich lets me see everyones IP but whats the point if I don't have anything to do with it? Can anyone suggest a software that would work for this kind of occation? thanks!(:

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Cain and able lets you sniff packets which are not originally meant for your computer and it dumps the packets on your screen so that you can see what data the packet contains.The IP you see might be the originating or destination IP.You can use cain and able to sniff passwords which might be encrypted though.There are numerous ways to hack so you can search google and if there is specific exploit you want help with post here.If you want to be a hacker learn programming,try to read 2600 ,phrack and stuff like that.