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ip connection webcams

Discussion in 'Windows' started by perrinsi, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. perrinsi

    perrinsi New Member

    Hello I'm new in here & im from mMxico City.
    In the company I am working, they have recently installed several cameras, they all connect through IP.

    My boss installed log me in on his computer and also in the server, now he can access the cameras everywhere, but he asked me if he could enter like the IP from the server, on any computer, for him to access it, and make it easier to see the cameras.

    on Control Panel, there is an option to enter the URL, and connect to another PC...

    I was wondering how to make a computer into a URL for my boss to access it?
    or how can I enter an IP adress on my computer and access the server?

    thanks !!:happy:

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