internet blocked certain times of day

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My internet for my ps3 is set to turn off and on at certain times of the day, how do i get past this? The block was set on a CPU and no parental control settings are activated on my ps3. I have tried using wireless and wired connections going into different ports in my router, with no luck. Here are the sttings im using for my ps3

operating mode- auto detect
IP adress setting- automatic
DHCP host name- do not set
DNS setting- automatic
MTU- automatic
Proxy server- do not use
UPnP- enable

If anybody could lend me a hand with this it would be much appreciated
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Where u r accessing it. In home or some where els.
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Check the lease of your DHCP IP, maybe the IP that your PS3 gets have a lease that has some kind of security or access restriction policy.