Internet Ads Zapped!?

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I have this problem while surfing the internet.
In every website I have visited,
I always meet the samething there.

There are so manu banner written:
"This ad zapped."

What does it means???
Is it concern with my browser???
or because there is error in my notebook?

'coz I have changed my browser with Mozilla Firefox,
and it still happening.
Please Help me.

Coz I can see any single ads in every website I want to visit,
include go4expert.
please help me


I'm a newbie, it's nice 2 be here
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Looks like your notebook has ad-zapping software which does not allow the ads to be displayed.

I'm a newbie, it's nice 2 be here
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I don't think the problem is that,
coz it happend 2 days ago,
and before that it still could show the ads...

If that true, what would make my software not working?
Is it because of virus?
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I want to ask something else.
Is it possible for us to edit what we had posted??

I mean to correct our post, if there was wrong typed word.