Installing IIS 5.0 on XP Pro

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I am trying to get a server running on the network in my house. I'm designing a website using ASP.NET and a database so I need a server to test the pages I create. For some reason, when I install IIS, it successfully installs and then a small Windows XP window appears and says "Please wait....." and it just sits there, I cannot get past that point. I read online that I needed DNS and Frontpage installed but I don't know if that is true. If it is, how do I install DNS?
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You don't need top have DNS installed for IIS to work. Goto Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools and open Internet Information Services, check there if your web server is running or not.
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I followed those steps, but right after the IIS installation completes a Windows XP Setup window appears and just sits there saying Please wait.. It doesn't do anything from there.
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I beleive you need to insert the WinXP installation disk to install IIS.