Should one install all versions of .Net Framework?

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Recently I have downloaded and installed .Net Framework 2.0 and its corresponding SDK. If I were to install Visual Studio 2010, I will need to install .Net Framework 4.0 first. Is it necessary to install .Net Framework 3.0-3.5 and service packs at all?
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Latest is fine unless you have some application which works only on some backdated versions
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Currently I have a ThinkPad x60 which .Net Framework 1.1 and 2.0 comes pre-installed. I have been tying to install the Service Pack 1 but to no avail. From the event viewer, I can see some errors being logged.

If I were to installed Visual C# 2005, can I get the application to point to 3.5 instead?

Also I read that to implement 3.5 I need to make sure that the previous versions need to be installed. If I dont install the service packs of 2.0, what is the impact?
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I had similar issues before. It is too difficult to tell unless there is a log attached.

Most often if you read the log completely,you'll find out yourself by googling it.