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how to install software on ubuntu linux

Discussion in 'Linux' started by whitey2010, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. whitey2010

    whitey2010 New Member

    ive been a windows person for a while now and im thinking of switching to ubuntu fully. i recently installed ubuntu 10.04 and even downloaded some softwares to run on it but ive been having difficulty doing that. please i'll like assistance on how to install ubuntu software directly from my harddisk rather than ubuntu's package manager.i'll really appreciate all the help i can get
  2. lionaneesh

    lionaneesh New Member

    Good to know that you are shifting from windows to Linux...Great Decision..

    Ubuntu is a debian(not rpm like red-hat) based system and it supports .deb setup files...

    First way via .deb files :-

    You can think of Debian files just a alternate of .msi files on windows.

    1. Just fire up your file browser
    2. Double click on the file.deb

    and It'll start installing..

    The other way :-

    When you want to install some opensource softwares and they dont have a debian file... (Install from source)

    Installing from source is not difficult either..
    It just needs some patience and some tolerance for the errors..

    1 . un-tar the source archive
    2. cd to root of the archive
    3. Check the redme file..(Will mostly contain installation instructions and pre-requisites)
    4. Make (mostly using 'make INSTALL' or 'make MAKEFILE')
    5. after the links and every thing is set from the previous commands
    6. Issue 'make install'


    This method will be irritating and unwilling sometimes but gives a lot more satisfaction..
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  3. smith

    smith New Member

    hey dude , u can install software in linux easy way
    there are 2 ways
    1. using terminal
    2. double click process in /opt
    Using terminal:
    if u already connected in the internet u will use terminal..these will be very easy
    using terminal, u have comand of that software... which is unique

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