How to install php on apache 4.1 on winxp

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How can i install php5 on apache 4.1 web server plz help me frnds.
I have installed apache 4.1
on my winxp machine,
can any body tell me how to set up php on it ,
i have downloaded php windows binary frm www.php.Net
but dnt know how to set up this on apache 4.1
i don't want to use IIS.
Plz help me thanku
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Why dont you Download XAMPP / LAMP
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I don't know what are these basically i m newbie for php and i am just about to start learning php now,
so plz help me
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I google about these nd found that XAMPP is a free and open
source cross-platform web
server package, consisting
mainly of the Apache HTTP
Server, MySQL database, and
but i have already installed apache 4.1 (basically i do practice in jsp that runs fine)so if i download XAMP then will i abel to do programing in jsp also,
plz clear my doubt sir
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Easiest way to go about this on Windows is to download a WAMPP Server.
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Both Xamp and Wamp are server packages that can be used for developing. Basically what it does is install Apache, MySQL and PHP so you can work in that environment. I would suggest that you google xampp and go to the apache friends website and learn about it but this is mostly likely the smart way to go about your request.