How to insert values from form into database table when it is sent as mail?

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I have used a javascript to send a mail to the client which contains some values from the form..what should i do to enter these values into the database table at the same time it sends a mail..actually when the submit button is clicked it redirects to another page..

is there any way to clear this problem..
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JavaScript can't send mail on its own, you must be submitting the form data to a server-side script with sends out the mail, if you can write a server-side script with accepts the form data, inserts it into the database and then sends out the mail, then your problem is solved.
JavaScript is a client side scripting language, its capabilities are limited to the machine it is executed on (i.e. the client's browser), so you have to post the data to some server-side script.
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Try using a simle PHP script