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hello everybody.. i'm a newbie. i have basic background of html and very little of php. i made a website (news website) and i have a problem of having a database of my news articles. my question is: how can i make a database for the news articles so that i can minimize posting it manually (through html) every now and then?

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What you would need to do is setup a mysql database, create a table the posts. Just basic fields like, ID, Name, Content, Data/Time. Then you would want to pass the information using a query (index.php?news=3) you can use webfriendly urls later on first just get it working.

Then to display specific items you would use $_GET['news'] to get the page id (in this case 3) and SELECT * WHERE ID = '3' for your query. This will pull up the record you want.

If you want to talk more about it im on yahoo mclarke87poker. Although if your looking for a news site you may want to consider wordpress.